With all the demands we have on our time while running a business, it’s so darn hard to stay informed with current events and remember to have fun. I don’t think there is anything more important than to downshift for 15 minutes a day at least and just screw around and rest your brain.

What that means to you personally will vary across the board, but at minimum we have to take time to scan the news and blogs just to stay informed. I’d also suggest that we sit back and discover something that completely removes you from your work. Maybe pick up a magazine (non-biz related)  that you enjoy or read some blogs or just totally screw off and go visit break.com for some totally brainless fun.

Part of what I want to do on this site is take breaks every now and then and post fun or interesting news items. Occassionally I’ll even post totally stupid things, just to keep that blood flowing and remind you to take a break… and LAUGH. It’ll do wonders for your work day and productivity.

Today, I was scanning digg.com (which is a great site) and I noticed a science post that claims the following:

“A team of UK, French and Swiss astronomers is already paving the way from the ground to find new planets and they’ve discovered two new Jupiter-sized planets around stars in the constellations of Andromeda and Delphinus. They are among the hottest planets yet discovered. ”

Pretty darn cool.

Two things we are going to stay away from on this site are politics and religion. I enjoy both subjects but they don’t mix with business. I recommend that you do the same in all of your dealings.

Anyway, take a break sometime today and visit break.com or digg.com and rest your brain. You’ll come back refreshed and you’ll work much better and harder.

Have a great day.


Getting down to business

September 25, 2006

I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you where I’ve been and where I’m going. What I don’t want to do is tell you too much. Most of this site is going to focus on broad subjects and not on the intimate details of what my business does. I don’t want to give my name or the name of my company. I don’t want to tell you what I do or sell. What I’m going to do is tell you what works and why it works. I ‘m going to explain my thoughts, problems and mistakes and hopefully we’ll all come away with a little more knowledge to kick around in our heads.

To start off, let me say that I have a business now that somewhat pays the bills. I’ve been working with a partner who is a hardworking, dedicated individual and I spent considerable money (about $50,000) to combine my existing business and become equal owners with him. So, I am not completely starting from scratch but we have a big, long, winding hill to climb to find our way to the top.

Last week I successfully helped to close the largest sales deal of my life and it was a turning point. As we go forward I think we have every opportunity to succeed in what we’ve set out to do. It will only be our fault if we don’t.

My main problem now is debt and ongoing income. I have a home, two kids, a wife, a dog, two cars and a home equity loan. In addition, I completely leveraged every credit card I owned to get this business going full time. Why? Mostly because I didn’t want to mess with a conventional bank loan and because I could get a VERY low rate indefinitely on my credit card. So essentially I have a very low interest loan that I can pay off as I have the money.

The problem is this. I need to run a business that supports two families, pay business expenses, continue to pay down my debt, dedicate money to capital investments and marketing, put money away for retirement, my sons college, a nest egg for slow months and a rainy day and find ways to pay AT LEAST the monthly minimums on my debt and my every day household credit card payments. It’s a big, fat, hairy battle that weighs on me and my wife (and our relationship) daily.

Am I complaining? Hell no. I’m not a complainer. I have nobody to blame but myself and honestly I don’t believe that any of the debts I just mentioned are wasted. They are legitimate expenses that I need to live, support and care for my family and build my business. I just need to do it all without going insane and find business success.

So, in a nutshell, I have a good foundation going forward. My business is paying it’s bills, we have a decent base of sales, my partner and I haven’t killed each other yet and the future looks fairly bright. I just need to juggle like the best damn circus entertainer there is. I need to walk on fire while jolting myself with 10,000 volts. In the end I just need to be tough and survive through it all. I know it will be worth it in the end.

As the story unfolds I’ll be sure to tell you more about my business and what we have brewing. For now though I have to get back to what really pays the bills.

It all begins here

September 24, 2006

It all begins here. I’m on a personal mission to succeed. I have no other option but to succeed. This site is going to document my success and how I ultimately came to understand what success is for me.

I really don’t have grand ambitions. I’m not doing this for fame or fortune. I’m not doing it so I have the money to buy more “stuff ” or to own a couple homes around the country. I don’t want to be famous and I don’t want any attention. I want success – personal, intimate, thriving, debt-free, business success so I can look myself in the mirror and say “you did it”.

I’m not a smart guy. I don’t have much money. I have very little experience and I don’t have an education from Harvard. What I do have is ambition and it’s burning through my skin. It’s so damn hot that you feel warmer in the winter when you stand next to me. I’ve felt the drive to succeed since I was a teenager and now I’m approaching 40. I’ve felt successes and I have a good life but what I’d like to do more than anything is succeed with my business and finish this year debt free.

What does success mean? I’m not quite sure yet, but at this point I think success for me will be to run my business and turn a profit. I want the business to be pretty much debt free and most of all I want to personally be free from the money it’s going to take me to build this business.

Beyond that, I plan on documenting my journey here and doing some deep soul searching to find out what the word “success” means and what it might mean for you. I plan to dive in head first and learn as much as I can and also make mistakes that we all can learn from. I’m going to read books and summarize them here. I’m going to tell you what works and what doesn’t and most of all, I’m going to work toward success and hopefully help you do the same. Hopefully when I get to the end of this journey in a year, we’ll all have learned a little something about business, ourselves and personal success.

I welcome you to join me on this journey. Cheers!