Dealing with a partner – Part 1

September 28, 2006

Yesterday I mentioned that my partner and I are dealing with money issues. Just like any relationship or partnership, money weighs heavy on your ability to remain civil. My partner makes it extra hard because he’s obsessed with money. He’s as tight as a sixteen year old on a first date and he’s aggressive about holding on to every last penny.

So of course, yesterday, when I approached the subject of getting new business cards for our operations, he didn’t respond to my email. The reason for my concern is that I’ve suggested that we order some really nice business cards that will run us about $360 for both of us. They are really nice and should convey a nice message of quality when you hand one to a potential client.

Now, in my mind, $360 is worth the investment. I firmly believe that a first impression goes a long way when trying to make sales and you need every bit of ammo on your side when running your business. High quality, heavy weight business cards are a necessary first step. I always laugh when someone hands me a card that you know was printed on their home printer. It just shows that they’re not successful enough or serious enough to invest money in this necessary first step.

So, back to my partner. I have a feeling that since he did not respond to my email that he’s not too hip on spending the money. He’d rather get the cheap, glossy cards that you can pick up for about $200 at the bulk printer and save us $150. I could be wrong and I’ll be sure to let you know IF I am wrong. I just have a feeling.

So, how do you handle this? Well, my first thought is to fire off an email this morning and say “wtf” man!? Did you not get my email asking your opinion about the business cards? This is a necessary first step to ramping up our sales effort for 2007 and we just wasted another friggin’ day!

Well, as you can guess, this is not the way to handle it. It’s the easiest way to handle it but obviously not the best. I’m going to get on the phone today and discuss it with him because he’s more apt to back down and go down the correct path if confronted directly. My point is this (and I’ve made this mistake 1000 times). NEVER fire off an email when you need to confront someone directly in business. Do it on the phone or in person. (Instant messenger DOES NOT COUNT!) Nothing good can come from a confrontation via email. Learn this lesson early as you work through your business dealings. Always remember it. Have the balls to pick up the phone and talk through issues like adults. The outcome will always be better than trying to interpret an email. Plus, I believe people are less likely to stand up to you if confronted directly. It’s much easier to get cocky via the keyboard.

Now, just for laughs, here’s a totally stupid video that sums up the saying “Nothing good can come from it.” This is just a little less productive than dealing with confrontations via email. Enjoy.

Dropping a 50 pound ball of silly putty from a building


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  1. Zalecenia Says:

    respected (6) tricky or dishonest. (10) 1. a greeting 2. excellent, cool, highest (1)

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