Remember to have fun and stay informed

September 26, 2006

With all the demands we have on our time while running a business, it’s so darn hard to stay informed with current events and remember to have fun. I don’t think there is anything more important than to downshift for 15 minutes a day at least and just screw around and rest your brain.

What that means to you personally will vary across the board, but at minimum we have to take time to scan the news and blogs just to stay informed. I’d also suggest that we sit back and discover something that completely removes you from your work. Maybe pick up a magazine (non-biz related)  that you enjoy or read some blogs or just totally screw off and go visit for some totally brainless fun.

Part of what I want to do on this site is take breaks every now and then and post fun or interesting news items. Occassionally I’ll even post totally stupid things, just to keep that blood flowing and remind you to take a break… and LAUGH. It’ll do wonders for your work day and productivity.

Today, I was scanning (which is a great site) and I noticed a science post that claims the following:

“A team of UK, French and Swiss astronomers is already paving the way from the ground to find new planets and they’ve discovered two new Jupiter-sized planets around stars in the constellations of Andromeda and Delphinus. They are among the hottest planets yet discovered. ”

Pretty darn cool.

Two things we are going to stay away from on this site are politics and religion. I enjoy both subjects but they don’t mix with business. I recommend that you do the same in all of your dealings.

Anyway, take a break sometime today and visit or and rest your brain. You’ll come back refreshed and you’ll work much better and harder.

Have a great day.


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